Railway Network

Have you noticed our ever-growing railway network? Head over to any active train station, such as ‘/warp station’, and check it out.

This entry, by one of our members, is a home constructed in the likeness of a shoe. It was the winner of our September 2013 ‘Themed Homes’ building competition and was created by Sammich. It may be explored on our server by going to /warp Rules, then flying up and looking for the large mushrooms […]


Built by Studmuffin and his brother Mrstu; a stunning showcase of homes. The airship hangar was built by SamBrears. The nearby university, by Nebbers and Elathuria, provides basic information on ranks and some server features.

Arena Ruins

Created by Nebbers in early 2011, the Arena Ruins is among the oldest builds on The Shire. Originally, it consisted predominantly of Obsidian – however this was changed to various types of stone to make the build more aesthetically pleasing. The build is located at /warp Arena

Mainland: Plaza

The Plaza was first constructed at the start of 2011; it features well-stocked shops for players to use as well as convenient access to railway transport links. The skybridge in the background is among the oldest structures on The Shire and it’s one of the most iconic attractions of Mainland.

Lamename Township

A render of a small section of the ‘/warp Lamename’ area on the server, created by Zyno and Saith. The area has been around for a long time, but has recently been modernised due to it looking quite dated against our many other builds.

Venezia Nuova

An alternative view of Andrew’s Venezia Nuova city. You can visit it on The Shire server at play.shirecraft.us by typing ‘/warp Venice’

Oranjestad and Aeolus

Oranjestad, created by nebbers, is a quirky city with a plethora of different house designs that all compliment each other as well as many items of infrastructure including a nuclear power station.  The area above is called Aeolus, this was imported from our old Skylands world. The cathedral was created by Aedesius. Warp: /warp Oranjestad


Isengard on the Shire server. IP: play.shirecraft.us

Forum Maintenance

Our forum is currently offline for scheduled maintenance, please check back later. :-)

New server… and MC 1.8!

We’ve migrated to a new server, and updated to 1.8—enjoy!

If you find any issues with the new setup, send a PM to Andy on the forum.

You can connect with the usual address, play.shirecraft.us.


Railway Map – August 2014

We’ve updated our railway map to be slightly more visually appealing. Enjoy!

Railway map

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“Ruins” Build Competition Winner

The winners of the “Ruins” team build competition are…

  • Bluepolabear
  • Batman
  • Psycho



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Due to popular demand, we’ve updated to MC 1.7.9 — enjoy!

Railway Update – April 2014

Check out this imgur album of The Shire’s railway network; it was posted on Reddit last week.

Railway map

We’ve devised a new map of the railway network, it’s included below (click image to enlarge)
Any dashed section of a line means it’s a work in progress.



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Competition Winner

Well done to Clarisse for winning our Winter build competition – we hope you enjoy your promotion! The runner-up was LCorp.
Thanks to all who entered.

Eight Days Remain

Only 8 days left before our Christmas build competition concludes, then building will cease and the entries will be judged within a week.

Happy holidays!

Christmas Build Competition

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 01.18.45Our Christmas build competition has started; go to /warp BC to learn more about it.

The competition will last until 22nd December, then it will be judged by the server staff.

Good luck!